Why Caballus?

The founder of Caballus is a hippophile - a person who loves horses so much. He is always interested to learn and explore about horses and their specialities. He wants to share his knowledge and thoughts about horses with other people as well. So he decided to establish Caballus.

Caballus is a place where you can find about horses, their history, their breeds, interesting stories about horses and many other interesting facts. Also you can explore in Caballus about equestrian sports, technologies used around those sports, how the horse stables are managed, how the training happens, how it impacts on the economy etc.

Caballus was established in 2023. It will carry useful information regularly. If you are a horse lover. Caballus is a good place for you to quest your thirst about horses. So keep engaging with us to get quality, fresh, informative contents regularly. If you are curious about sharing your thoughts with us, feel free to contact us via our contact page.